London grieves through street art

In the wake of Wednesday’s (22 March) terror attack in Westminster Londoners have paid an artistic tribute to those who perished.

Chalk drawings bearing positive messages of hope, peace and solidarity appeared on the paving in Trafalgar Square. They were crafted by four homeless street artists who handed out chalk and invited members of the public to inscribe their works with words and names. 

One of the artists, Paddy, told BBC’s Newsbeat that they wanted to honour the memory of the four people who died in the attack. “We wanted to do something in our own way to stand with the people who died”, he said.

Hundreds of passersby have contributed messages such as “all you need is love”, “we are not afraid”, “every day be happy” and “you have not won” in English, Turkish, French and Chinese. “It’s been brilliant to see people from all over the world come and add their messages” another one of the artists, Steve Diamond, said.

The chalk drawings were prepared ahead of a candlelit vigil for the victims, which took place in Trafalgar Square on Thursday evening (23 March) and was attended by hundreds of Londoners.

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