How is the UK arts sector responding to the Black Lives Matter protests?

Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests are taking place across cities in the US as a response to the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, by a Minneapolis police officer. A video of the incident sparked outrage around the world, with Londoners organising mass BLM protests throughout this week to show solidarity. But until recently, most galleries and museums have remained silent.

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A View from the Market – Q&A with Preston Benson, Managing Director of Cromwell Place

As the outbreak of COVID-19 has intensified, the UK art market, an inherently international industry, which thrives on both its domestic and global events, has felt the unprecedented effects. Despite this, the art market is proving a very resilient and flexible industry finding new and innovative ways to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances we are finding ourselves in.

Art Law & More brings you A View from the Market, a series of Q&As with figures from different realms of the art world as we uncover how they are adapting to the new normal, their reflections on how COVID-19 could change the future of the art market and the great importance of art and creativity.

We continue the series with Preston Benson, Managing Director of Cromwell Place. Cromwell Place is a membership organisation offering a first-of-its-kind exhibition and working space in central London due to open in Autumn 2020.

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