Turkey’s claim to marble figure quashed by New York Federal Judge ruling

A New York Federal Judge has decided that a marble figure which is owned by hedge fund billionaire Michael Steinhardt and which has spent decades on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will not be returned to Turkey. The Turkish government sued for the return of the figure in 2017 however, according to Judge Alison J. Nathan, there is “insufficient evidence” to support Turkey’s claim that it should be returned.

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What are the legal issues concerning Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

Fred Clark, Associate in the Art Law & More team and Satjivan Aujla, Associate in the Private Wealth team at Boodle Hatfield LLP were joined by Emily Gould, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Art and Law, to set out the main legal considerations concerning NFTs. The article looks at copyright, SMART contracts, money laundering, estate and succession planning and taxation.

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COVID-19: What are the legal implications for the UK arts market?

As the outbreak of COVID-19 has intensified, the UK art market, an inherently international industry, which thrives on both its domestic and global events, has felt the unprecedented effects. With art fairs cancelled and galleries’, museums’ and auctioneers’ doors forced to close, these are uncertain and exceptional times. In an industry which encompasses such a wide range of businesses, from the self-employed artist to the international auction house employing hundreds of staff worldwide, the challenges faced by those in the art market will be many and varied.  Below we address some key legal implications for the market, and look at the ways Britain is supporting one of its most high profile and lucrative industries. Continue reading