Brown’s London Art Weekend celebrates 150 years of art in Mayfair

Mayfair is of central importance to the international art trade. It is where the commercial art gallery originated 150 years ago, and today it is home to the largest concentrated art market in the world. The commercial galleries, auction houses and public art institutions that occupy the area are renowned, drawing collectors, cultural tourists and associated business to London from across the globe. The UK is the largest importer and exporter of art in Europe, and sales of fine art and antiques contributed £8bn to the British economy in 2013. A substantial proportion of this revenue is generated by Mayfair, where there are up to 100 retail galleries, four major international auction houses, and the Royal Academy of Arts, which receives over a million visitors a year. Continue reading

Helaine Blumenfeld Sculpture Mysteries Unveiled in Mayfair’s Berkeley Square

“What can I say about Helaine? What can anyone say about Helaine? A force of Nature, an extraordinary artist, and a great contributor beyond her work itself.” Timothy Potts, Director of the J. Paul Getty Museum

Helaine Blumenfeld OBE is one of Britian’s leading contemporary artists, whose extensive work in marble and bronze has been exhibited in over 70 exhibitions worldwide. On Friday 19 June, her 8-ton marble sculpture Mysteries was installed on Berkeley Square. Carved by the artist at her studio in Pietrasanta, Italy – a renowned sculptural mecca dating back to Michelangelo — this is the first time Mysteries has been shown in London since its debut at Salisbury Cathedral in 2013. Continue reading