Bagels and graffiti: McDonald’s in another street art row

A New York City graffiti artist collective is threatening to sue McDonald’s for unauthorised use of their work in a Dutch advertising campaign.

Images of street art by the Bushwick Collective appeared in a video entitled “McDonald’s Presents the Vibe of Bushwick NY” promoting the fast food mega-chain’s latest addition to its menu, the ‘New York Bagel Supreme’. The four-minute video features six graffiti artists from the Collective hired by McDonald’s to paint its new bagel burger in various locations around the Netherlands.  Continue reading

McDonald’s slapped with lawsuit by New York graffiti artist

McDonald’s is being sued by the estate of late graffiti artist Dashiell ‘Dash’ Snow for copyright infringement in the latest legal battle over street art.

Lawyers for ‘Secret Snow’, as the artist was also known, allege that the restaurant mega-chain infringed his copyright when it used an image from Snow’s work to decorate the interior of its fast-food outlets. The complaint was filed in the United States Central District Court of California on 3 October 2016.  Continue reading

Removal of ‘Love Plane’ by Banksy sparks tension in Liverpool

Tensions flared in Liverpool after a group known for removing, exhibiting and selling Banksy artworks cut out one of the enigmatic artist’s murals from a wall in Liverpool’s city centre on Saturday (17 September).

‘Love Plane’ features a black and white biplane leaving a white heart-shaped trail of smoke behind it. It first appeared on the wall of an outdoor car park in Rumford Place in 2011 but has sustained significant damage ever since. With the building on which the mural appeared due for redevelopment, The Sincura Group stepped in to remove  it. On its website, the group alerted the residents of Liverpool to to its plans to restore the work and exhibit it at the UK’s first street art museum, the Gallery at Berry House Baltic Triangle, due to open in late 2017 or early 2018. “With so many Banksy artworks disappearing from public view this will ensure your city preserves its street art heritage and showcases future talent,” the statement reads. Continue reading

Renowned street artist destroys own work in protest over exhibition

An internationally-recognised Italian street artist has destroyed his own work in protest over a new exhibition ‘Street Art: Banksy & Co’ opening in Bologna on Friday (18 March).

On display at the Palazzo Pepoli, Museo della Storia di Bologna (Museum of the History of Bologna), the exhibition will feature 250 works of street art. After discovering that technicians had removed some of his work from their original street locations to be featured in the show, the street artist “Blu” responded by painting over nearly all of his remaining murals with grey paint.  Continue reading