Non-fungible tokens: the legal & commercial implications

Innovation in the virtual world, increasingly known to many as the metaverse, is constantly evolving.

The continued growth of minting and selling digital artworks as NFTs means they cannot be ignored. The creation, distribution, ownership and trading of these tokens raise a plethora of legal issues, including intellectual property, SMART contracts and taxation and are also starting to lead to significant global disputes. As we closely follow the developments of this much talked about phenomenon, we have compiled a downloadable resource looking at everything from what is an NFT to ownership issues, artist resale regimes and copyright.

Download a PDF of ‘A guide to non-fungible tokens (NFTs)’ here.

In this guide, Simon Fitzpatrick, Fred Clark, Rosie Adcock and Ruby Dyce provide an introduction to the legal and commercial implications of non-fungible tokens.

This guide was reproduced from Practical Law with permission of the publishers. For further information visit

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