AR is bringing art into your living room

Augmented reality “will be the future art world”, says designer Sebastian Errazuriz, and is an incredibly important tool for artists and collectors alike now more than ever before.

Errazuriz makes the prediction in a short video posted to his Instagram account entitled ‘15 minutes on why artists need to start using Augmented Reality’. The Chilean-born, London-raised designer believes the pandemic has ushered in an opportunity for artists to express themselves more creatively and to use augmented reality (AR) to enable more people to view their work.

Seizing on this opportunity, Errazuriz, together with artist Zander Ecklad and a team of engineers, has developed a new digital platform for viewing and self-publishing artworks in AR called ‘All Show’. Presented as ‘Augmented reality exhibitions for all’, the platform allows anyone to visit the All Show website on their smartphone and peruse artworks in AR. Once your smartphone finds the ground level in your home, you can trigger selected artworks to appear, right there in your living room, and scale them up or down. If you’re happy with what you see, you can contact the artist to purchase their work.

Artists can select All World’s ‘Create your own AR exhibition’ function to self-publish their works in augmented reality and generate sales. All they have to do is upload a three-dimensional digital version of their physical artworks and set a price for them. The open-access website is free to use and requires no apps or downloads, just a mobile device to view in augmented reality. It is hoped less established artists will benefit from using the platform to share their art with prospective buyers worldwide.

Errazuriz and Eckblad developed All Show as a commercial platform to support galleries and design and art fairs which have been forced to shut shop during the COVID-19 lockdown. While principally designed to connect artists with investors looking to stock their collections, it is also a means for people to enjoy artworks within their own four walls. We might be home-bound but we can still treat ourselves to a viewing of works by artists such as Joe Doucet, Irene Soyfer and Errazuriz himself.

The times in which we find ourselves may have created a more urgent need for the All World platform but Errazuriz sees a place for AR in the art world beyond the coronavirus crisis. “There are extreme inefficiencies plaguing the art industry that AR can alleviate”, he explains. “Augmented reality will disrupt the art and design world in the same way digital platforms disrupted the entire music industry or the news media industry or the film industry”.

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