Floating museum to open in Paris

Move over Musée d’Orsay and Louvre. A new museum has docked in Paris and it’s the first in the world to float on water.

Located on the banks of the Seine River at the foot of the Pont des Invalides, Fluctuart is due to open this May. A modular, three-storey, transparent structure, it is France’s first centre for street art and graffiti. Entry will be free and visitors can spread out over 850m2 of flexible use spaces. These include spaces for a permanent collection, exhibitions, workshops, artists in residence, a library, a rooftop bar and a space for children with workshops and childcare services.

Fluctuart was created in response to an initiative to ‘Reinvent the Seine’ launched in March 2016 by Paris officials. The initiative called for proposals for innovative projects to transform the banks of the Seine and its canals by inventing new ways of living, working and travelling on the water. Fluctuart was one of forty projects to win the call. It was planned by architecture firm Seine Design and constructed over two years in Dieppe.

Open all year, Fluctuart will provide Parisians with a site for experimentation and discovery. According to its artistic director, urban art expert Nicolas Laugero Laserre, French and international urban artists will be welcome to create works in situ throughout Fluctuart’s spaces. “We believe in the idea of art for all. The quest for an art accessible to all is inscribed in the movement’s DNA”, Laugero Laserre remarked.

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