Downton Abbey heritage train smashed by vandals

Two 17-year-old boys have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to eight heritage railway carriages in Pickering, North Yorkshire.

The vandals took to the carriages on the night of 22 July, smashing windows and damaging the furniture and fittings both inside and outside the train. They were arrested by North Yorkshire Police but were released while under investigation.

Police have begun inquiries into whether the perpetrators may have attended 60s Fest, a live music festival launched on Saturday (22 July) metres from where the carriages were damaged. Any witnesses with images of the incident have been requested to contact police.

Dating from 1930-1950, the teak railway carriages are owned by a number of groups and individuals and are used and maintained by the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. The coaches were restored by volunteer-run charity, the London and North Eastern Railway Coach association.

The railway’s General Manager, Chris Price, said staff and volunteers were “absolutely devastated” by the destruction wrought by the vandals. “I doubt very much that the set will run again in the 2017 season”, Price suggested.

The carriages have appeared in numerous films and television shows including period drama series ‘Downton Abbey’, war movie ‘Testament of Youth’ and the remake of ‘Dad’s Army’.

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