Did we find the lost Van Dyck?

In this ninth instalment of our series on the Lost Treasures of Strawberry Hill, art historian and provenance researcher Silvia Davoli makes another astonishing discovery. As the opening of the ‘Lost Treasures’ exhibition approaches, Silvia draws ever closer to fulfilling her quest to restore Horace Walpole’s extraordinary collection when she uncovers an original Van Dyck just over 100 miles from where it once resided at Walpole’s gothic villa. Continue reading

Walpole and the ancient world

In this fourth instalment of our special blog series, we continue to follow art historian and provenance researcher, Silvia Davoli, on the trail of the lost treasures of Strawberry Hill House. Silvia unearths some astonishing finds when she delves deeper into Walpole’s collection of antique artefacts and explores his fascination with the ancient world.

Rome, February 1740. A young Horace Walpole arrives and I imagine the late winter sun illuminating his face, earnest and flushed with anticipation as he trawls the city for fashionable parties and collectible antiques. Continue reading

The Search Begins…

Ever wondered what it takes to unearth long lost artworks? What kind of detective work is required to retrace treasured antiques and objets d’art scattered two hundred years ago? This is the fate that befell the celebrated collection of antiquarian and man of letters, Horace Walpole, once displayed in his home, Strawberry Hill House. Centuries on, this special blog series first will follow art historian and provenance researcher, Silvia Davoli, in her hunt for the lost treasures of Strawberry Hill and her bid to restore Walpole’s collections to his legendary gothic rooms. Continue reading