Spain lifts veil on secret operation against art traffickers

The Spanish Interior Ministry announced on Sunday (22 January) that 75 people had been arrested as part of a police operation to tackle an international art trafficking ring.

Code-named Pandora, the crackdown took place between October and November 2016. It targeted a network of criminal gangs trading in art and cultural objects stolen from war-torn countries and museums.  Continue reading

New York antiquities dealer arrested in crackdown on illegal trafficking

Prominent New York art dealer, Nancy Wiener, was arrested last Wednesday (21 December) on suspicion of trafficking illegal Asian antiquities. According to the complaint filed in Manhattan’s Criminal Court, Wiener sold stolen objects to Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses, international museums and private buyers. She has been charged with criminal possession of stolen property and conspiracy to buy, smuggle and launder millions of dollars worth of antiquities from East Asia.  Continue reading