Google opens door for virtual visitors at the British Museum

The British Museum gave new meaning to the phrase ‘armchair traveller’ yesterday when it flung open its virtual doors to the world through a partnership with Google.

In one of the biggest projects embarked on by the Google Cultural Institute, nearly 5,000 of the Museum’s works have been digitised to allow cyber visitors to enjoy a virtual tour of its world-famous corridors. This has been made possible through Google’s Street View technology and the Museum is the largest indoor space to have been captured using it.   Continue reading

Developments at Sotheby’s: New CEO Appointed and Partnership with eBay Launched

Sotheby’s has announced that Tad Smith has been appointed as President and CEO, replacing William Ruprecht who resigned in November. Smith, who is 49, was formerly president and CEO of the Madison Square Garden Company. Chosen on the strength of his experience with brands and brand strategy rather than with auction houses, he told the media that he plans to implement a five-year plan for the company, which will include an accelerated adoption of new technologies. Continue reading