Hunt continues for mystery owner of Paolozzi sculpture

A cast iron sculpture of an abstracted head by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi has been left “unloved and filthy” because no one is claiming ownership.

20th century British sculptor Paolozzi is perhaps best known for his colourful mosaics at Tottenham Court Road Station. He sculpted ’Piscator’ for the forecourt of London’s Euston Station. A tribute to 20th century German Expressionist and political theatre director, Erwin Piscator, it was commissioned by British Rail in 1980.  Continue reading

Art experts told to take a second look at contentious plaster model

Art experts who “scoffed” at a plaster copy of Edgar Degas’ ‘Little Dancer’ are being encouraged to “take a second look” at what is now believed to be an earlier model of the famous 1881 sculpture.

Discovered in 2004 in the closet of a now defunct foundry outside Paris the plaster was regarded by a group of distinguished art historians as a copy of ‘La Petite Danseuse de Quatorze ans’ (1881). The Degas experts believed the plaster was marked by a number of differences in pose, posture and expression from the real ‘Little Dancer’. Now one of those experts, Arthur Beale, has broken ranks to endorse a controversial theory proposed by art historian Gregory Hedberg.  Continue reading