Prince of Appropriation faces fifth lawsuit over another Instagram portrait

Artist Richard Prince has found himself in hot water yet again over accusations of copyright infringement.

On 16 November fine art photographer Eric McNatt filed suit against Prince in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. McNatt claims Prince infringed the copyright in his black and white portrait of Kim Gordon, the lead singer of alternative rock band Sonic Youth.  Continue reading

Richard Prince appropriation saga continues…

In the latest development in the Richard Prince appropriation saga the artist filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought against him by photographer Donald Graham on Friday (26 February).

Last month we reported that Graham had filed a complaint against Prince, his representative Gagosian Gallery and gallery owner Larry Gagosian. Graham alleged that Prince infringed his copyright by creating an Instagram-style screenprint based on Graham’s photograph ‘Rastafarian Smoking a Joint, Jamaica’ (1997) and exhibiting it as part of his ‘New Portraits’ series at the Gagosian Gallery in 2014.  Continue reading

Will Prince reign supreme once again over US copyright law?

Has appropriation artist and agent provocateur Richard Prince finally crossed the line between fair use and copyright infringement?

One artist is prepared to fight tooth and nail to prove he has. Outraged by Prince’s unauthorised use of his work, photographer Donald Graham filed a complaint against Prince, Gagosian Gallery who represents him and Larry Gagosian, the gallery’s owner,  in New York federal court last month (30 December 2015). Continue reading