Instagram updates its image guidelines – photos of nudity in paintings and sculptures are now OK

In short, the photo and video sharing app says be respectful: no nudity, no spam, no law-breaking. Although not a dramatic change to previous guidelines, the overhaul now includes more details and has adopted a tougher tone. Before, guidelines asked users to be polite and respectful. The revised version is much longer and specifies that “serious threats of harm to public and personal safely aren’t allowed.”   Continue reading

Missing painting spotted in the background of fashion photographs

Two pictures taken by fashion photographer Helmut Newton might contain a clue to the whereabouts of a looted masterpiece. According to Andrea Linnebach, an Arnold Böcklin specialist at the University of Kassel, the 1977 photograph, Jenny Kapitan, Pension Dorian, Berlin, appears to have the Böcklin painting Tritonenfamilie (1880-81). The painting has also been spotted in the background of a photograph of the model Yvonne Honsa, taken in Newton’s Monte Carlo apartment in 1999. Continue reading

Art for art’s sake, Money for God’s sake

Author: Tom Broadhurst

Last century I heard Paul Goldstein’s then provocative view – that the Internet and digital revolution would be the death of copyright.  Others have said similar things but this decease of copyright has not happened – copyright still robustly thrives in the digital arena and is vital in the visual arts. In 2011 an estimated £70M of licensing revenue went to writers and artists (see p. 5 of the report ‘An economic analysis of copyright‘). Continue reading