MPs hope to return the Parthenon Marbles to Greece

MPs have introduced a parliamentary bill on the 200th anniversary of the purchase of the Parthenon Marbles by the British Museum, which would see their return to Greece.

Introduced by Liberal Democrat Mark Williams on Monday (11 July), the Parthenon Sculptures (Return to Greece) Bill 2016-17 provides for “the transfer of ownership and return to Greece of the artefacts known as the Parthenon Sculptures, or Elgin Marbles, purchased by Parliament in 1816”. Continue reading

UK rejects Greece’s appeal to negotiate the return of the ever-controversial Elgin marbles

At the end of last month the British Museum and the UK Government formally declined UNESCO’s request to enter into mediation on the subject of transferring the Parthenon marbles back to Greece. Removed by Lord Elgin from the Parthenon temple in Athens in the 1800s, the marbles were sold to the British Museum in 1816 and have remained there ever since. The sculptures date from 447-432 BC, and are divided between London and a purpose built museum in Athens.  Continue reading