Lost Paul Nash sculpture found in pieces in private archive

Curators at London’s Tate Britain were astounded when a long-lost work by British Modernist artist Paul Nash was unearthed in a private art archive.

Thought to have been lost or destroyed, Nash’s surrealist sculpture ‘Moon Aviary’ (1937) turned up in pieces in a cardboard box. Its owner contacted the Tate Britain in May and when curators compared the contents of the box to photographs from the 1940s they realised they had discovered the missing sculpture.  Continue reading

Digging begins for Nazi-era treasure train in Poland

Treasure hunters have begun digging for a fabled Nazi-era golden train in south-west Poland despite the results of a geological survey which held there could be no train.

Last year we reported that amateur treasure hunters claimed to have discovered an armoured train filled with Nazi loot, buried deep under ground in a railway embankment near the city of Wałbrzych. Piotr Koper from Poland and Andreas Richter from Germany believe the train departed Wrocław bound for a secret command centre built by Hitler. As Soviet and Allied forces entered Poland in the final days of WWII the train was sealed in an underground network of tunnels. It is thought to contain stolen art, jewels, gold and weapons. Continue reading