Handbags and glad rags – The (trade)mark of quality

Edie Parker, the New York fashion brand that produces clutch handbags popular with many celebrities, has taken Box Bag, another handbag company, to court in New York.

The complaint?

Box Bag has allegedly “parasitically” copied Edie Parker, producing and selling clutches that bare a stark resemblance to their copyrighted designs. Box Bag’s offerings are also undercutting Edie Parker, selling at one tenth of the price. Continue reading

Battle of the brands: ASOS defence upheld by Court of Appeal majority and ASSOS refused permission to appeal

ASSOS is a specialist cycling clothes business founded in Switzerland which ‘offers advanced, technical apparel’ at the top end of the market. ASSOS sells its goods in 37 countries worldwide, almost exclusively through specialist cycling stores. This is to ensure a high quality purchasing experience consistent with the brand. For this reason, ASSOS does not have an online store.

ASOS is a global online fashion and beauty retail business aimed primarily at fashion-conscious young people. It has always been conducted solely online with no physical shops. Originally called ‘As Seen on Screen’ and offering clothing, accessories and other items worn in TV or in films, the acronym ‘ASOS’ was adopted in early 2002 when ASOS moved towards general fashion clothing. Continue reading

Style Icon Rihanna’s Umbrella Catches Topshop in the Shade

In a recent case, Rihanna objected to the UK sales by Topshop of tank tops bearing a photograph of her. English law has never developed to give celebrities rights in their own image so Rihanna’s case was that a significant number of purchasers would believe she had endorsed these t-shirts when she had not. Rihanna won on this basis, of Topshop having “passed off” on her goodwill, in the High Court and, following Topshop’s appeal, again in the Court of Appeal. Continue reading