Export ban placed on Queen Victoria’s coronet

A sapphire and diamond coronet symbolising one of the UK’s “most famous love stories” is still in danger of departing the country after it was subject to a temporary export bar by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

Considered one of the most important jewels of Queen Victoria’s reign, the coronet was designed by her beloved husband Prince Albert in their wedding year in 1840. Following the Queen’s death in 1901 it passed on to her grandson, the future King George V, who gave it to his daughter Princess Mary in 1922 on the occasion of her marriage to Viscount Lascelles. Continue reading

Jewel once owned by Joan of Arc at centre of stormy dispute

UK authorities may demand the return of a ring which once belonged to Joan of Arc after it was sold to a French theme park in February.

On Wednesday (16 March), The Art Newspaper raised the question of whether the ring had been legally exported to France following its sale. If it is discovered that an export licence was not obtained it is thought that British authorities are likely to request the return of the ring. Continue reading

Has a Nazi treasure train been discovered?

Two men have claimed that they have discovered a Nazi-era train packed with gold, diamonds, and other gems in Poland.

The Walbrzych district council received a letter from a law firm in Wroclaw informing them that a Polish and a German man had found the treasure train that has become the stuff of local legend. They say they believe it had departed in 1944 to Walbrzych, but never arrived.  Continue reading