Nazi or Soviet expropriation, does it make any difference?

The latest in a spate of recent cases of restitution of stolen artworks has legal experts pondering: Nazi or Soviet expropriation, does it make any difference?

Following a ruling by the US Circuit Court of Appeals in New York, Vincent van Gogh’s 1888 oil painting ‘The Night Café’, which was expropriated by the Bolsheviks in 1918 will remain at Yale University Art Gallery. Continue reading

Price of world’s most expensive painting confirmed – sort of

In February we reported that Gauguin’s Nafea Faa Ipoipo (When Will You Marry?) was rumoured to have been the world’s most expensive art purchase in history.

The vertiginous $300m price tag  for the 1892 oil painting  seemed unbelievable – it was $50m higher than the former world record, held by Cezanne’s The Card Players, and almost ten times as much as the previous highest price ever paid for a Gauguin, Te Poipoi (The Morning), also painted in 1892, which went for $39.2m at Sotheby’s in 2007. (The Card Players was also bought by Qatar).  Continue reading