French court rules against Facebook in censorship dispute

The Parisian school teacher whose Facebook account was suspended after he posted a picture of Gustave Courbet’s “L’Origine du Monde” (“The Origin of the World”) has won the right to have his case heard in France.

On Friday (12 February), the Paris court of appeal upheld a high court judgment in favour of the teacher, Frederic Durand-Baissas, who is claiming €20,000 (£15,521) in damages from Facebook as well as the reinstatement of his account. Continue reading

Instagram updates its image guidelines – photos of nudity in paintings and sculptures are now OK

In short, the photo and video sharing app says be respectful: no nudity, no spam, no law-breaking. Although not a dramatic change to previous guidelines, the overhaul now includes more details and has adopted a tougher tone. Before, guidelines asked users to be polite and respectful. The revised version is much longer and specifies that “serious threats of harm to public and personal safely aren’t allowed.”   Continue reading