‘Thought of Train of Thought’ unveiled at St Pancras station

Look up upon arrival at London’s St Pancras International station and you might be surprised to find a shining aluminium sculpture suspended from the roof. Designed by acclaimed artist and designer, Ron Arad, the 18-metre-long twisted blade is the latest in a series of installations in the station made possible via a partnership between the Royal Academy of the Arts and St Pancras International.  Continue reading

Royal Academy launches UK’s largest ever arts crowd-funding campaign to bring Ai Weiwei installation to London

The Royal Academy has launched the biggest arts crowd-funding target ever attempted in the UK. The campaign, hosted by Kickstarter, has been set in motion in order to raise money for the major exhibition of the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei that will be opening at the Royal Academy, London, this September. It will be his first major museum show in the UK. Continue reading

Brown’s London Art Weekend celebrates 150 years of art in Mayfair

Mayfair is of central importance to the international art trade. It is where the commercial art gallery originated 150 years ago, and today it is home to the largest concentrated art market in the world. The commercial galleries, auction houses and public art institutions that occupy the area are renowned, drawing collectors, cultural tourists and associated business to London from across the globe. The UK is the largest importer and exporter of art in Europe, and sales of fine art and antiques contributed £8bn to the British economy in 2013. A substantial proportion of this revenue is generated by Mayfair, where there are up to 100 retail galleries, four major international auction houses, and the Royal Academy of Arts, which receives over a million visitors a year. Continue reading

Numbers of UK visitors to top galleries in decline

Last week the Department of Culture Media and Sport announced that visitor numbers to the UK’s galleries and museums had enjoyed a rise – up 2 million since last year. A more in-depth look, however, reveals that in fact these figures show that the major art galleries – the Tate Galleries and the National Gallery – have seen a significant decline in their UK visitor numbers, according to the BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz, speaking this morning on the Today program. Continue reading