Strawberry Hill Treasure Hunt

Boodle Hatfield is delighted to be sponsoring the Strawberry Hill Treasure Hunt Blog.

We followed art historian and provenance researcher, Silvia Davoli’s quest to source the lost treasures of Strawberry Hill House, home of Horace Walpole’s personal and eclectic art collection. Walpole was a man of letters and art collector who lived during the 18th century.

We invite you to follow Silvia Davoli’s journey as she searches through archives, museums, and who knows where to uncover the lost treasures. Read our series of monthly blog posts on the lost artefacts and her search to restore the collection at Strawberry Hill House.

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Image credit: Johann Heinrich M√ľntz, ‘Strawberry Hill’ c. 1755-79. THE LEWIS WALPOLE LIBRARY, YALE UNIVERSITY