Knoedler Update: US extradition request denied

Courts in Madrid have ruled that José Carlos Bergantiños Díaz, one of two Spanish brothers charged in the US for selling faked artworks, many through the Knoedler art gallery, will not be extradited from Spain.

The New York Times reports that the ruling was issued on grounds of ill health. “Medical reports on the gravity of Mr. Bergantiños Díaz’s ailments differed, although they agreed that he suffered from worsening neurological problems and needed assistance in his daily life,” the paper states.

Bergantiños Díaz and his brother, Jesús Ángel, were accused of taking part in the multi-million-dollar forgery scheme in 2014. In February this year Spanish courts approved the extradition request for Jesús Ángel.

The court ruling concluded that José Carlos could appear “before Spanish courts, with a level of success similar to that which could be reached before American courts,” without risking the danger to his health that extradition might cause.

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