Handbags and glad rags – The (trade)mark of quality

Edie Parker, the New York fashion brand that produces clutch handbags popular with many celebrities, has taken Box Bag, another handbag company, to court in New York.

The complaint?

Box Bag has allegedly “parasitically” copied Edie Parker, producing and selling clutches that bare a stark resemblance to their copyrighted designs. Box Bag’s offerings are also undercutting Edie Parker, selling at one tenth of the price.

In addition to claiming the bags are copies, Edie Parker also alleges Box Bag have misused their images on their website and on social media in a way which has exploited their creative efforts and has produced consumer confusion as a result.

Box Bag have continued to sell their clutches regardless of court proceedings being underway. Edie Parker will be hoping the court decide Box Bag have breached their intellectual property rights, ordering Box Bag to stop producing and selling the bags, and pay damages.

It is unclear at this stage what decision the court will make, but on the first day of trial, it will certainly be handbags at dawn.

Decide for yourself whether Edie Parker has a case to say that their intellectual property rights have been infringed by comparing the bags here.

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