Fresh drama in Paris as vandalism of sculpture takes a legal turn

The British artist Anish Kapoor has revealed that he is being taken to court by a French politician in the wake of the vandalisation of his sculpture, Dirty Corner, which is currently installed within the grounds of the Château de Versailles. 

The sculpture has been subjected to three attacks, the latest of which involved anti-Semitic graffitti being daubed across the bronze sculpture and the large rocks that surround it. (See our article here)

Kapoor reacted in an unusual way to these acts of vandalism. He decided to keep the text intact, rather than washing it off.

This is what Fabien Bouglé, a Right-wing councillor of Versailles, objects to. He believes these insults are breaking the law, and has filed a complaint with the local public prosecutor against Kapoor and the president of the palace, Catherine Pégard.

AFP reports that the complaint claims that by leaving the graffiti in place, the artwork now incites “racial hatred, public insults, and complicity in these crimes” and that both the accused are “perfectly aware” and able to “fully recognise the antisemitic content of these entries”.

But Kapoor doesn’t seem to phased by these recent developments.“I think it’s a wonderful reversal; I’ll see him in court,” he said. “It shows how insane the whole thing is.”

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