Has a Nazi treasure train been discovered?

Two men have claimed that they have discovered a Nazi-era train packed with gold, diamonds, and other gems in Poland.

The Walbrzych district council received a letter from a law firm in Wroclaw informing them that a Polish and a German man had found the treasure train that has become the stuff of local legend. They say they believe it had departed in 1944 to Walbrzych, but never arrived. 

The men have asked for 10% of the value of the train’s contents. If this is agreed in writing then they will reveal the location of their find.

Locals claim that as Soviet and Allied forces entered Poland in the final days of the war, an armoured train filled with Nazi loot was driven into a tunnel near the medieval castle in Walbrzych.

But the existence of the train is difficult to confirm, historians say. There are no known documents that locate it, so there is speculation that the men might be descendants of those who knew about the train in the 1940s.

An anonymous local source described to a Polish newspaper how the treasure hunters had used geo-radar technology to find the train, which was located 70 meters underground. Others say it has been found under a nearby disused railway station.

Since the news first broke last week, fortune hunters from around Europe are making their way to the district to see if they could strike gold.

We’ll keep you posted on any developments.

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