Wealthy collectors form global association of private museums

A group of wealthy art collectors from across the world met on Wednesday to establish the first private museum group. The twenty-three individuals are all museum owners in the US and Europe, China, Russia, Indonesia, Dubai, Turkey and Mexico. 

The Global Private Museum Association has been instigated by Philip Dodd, a former director of the ICA, and the organisation Made in China in response to the fact that in recent years the numbers of private museums and galleries has increased. The idea is that the Association will enable members to share curatorial expertise, tour exhibitions and increase public visibility of their institutions as well as developing new ways to fundraise.

In a statement timed to coincide with Art15, of which he is the Chairman of its Advisory Board, Dodd said: “Across the globe, private museums of contemporary art are becoming more numerous and more important; in certain parts of the world they are more important than their public sector counterparts in sustaining and developing contemporary art. Yet there has been no Association which can bring together these museums so they can benefit from collaboration in the way state museums take for granted.”

One of the members, Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo of the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Italy said: “The Global Private Museum Association is a very interesting project that creates a network between European private museums and private museums from other parts of the world, in particular from the Middle East and China. It provides occasions to meet and exchange opinions and experiences, which I think is a priority in an art world that’s more and more globalised. This project has a great potential.”

Read more at the Financial Times.

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