Locals turn to legal action to save their museum

Campaigners have filed an application in the High Court for judicial review in an attempt to save the Snibston Discovery Museum in Leicester from closure. 

Leicestershire County Council have said that they cannot afford the £900,000 annual running costs and propose to close in July this year. The authority has to save £91m over the next three years due to falling government grants and rising demand for services. The council said the changes would save £9.4m over 25 years.

In February the council defeated a motion to save the museum, dismissing the Friends of Snibston’s proposal of running the museum as an independent trust as ‘financially unviable’.

However, campaigners have claimed the museum would bring £80m to the local economy over the same period. They believe that the council’s decision making has been flawed, and has inflated the museum’s running costs. The application for judicial review includes an application for an injunction that, if granted could force the council to postpone the closure.

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