Jewellery worth millions stolen from Hatton Garden

On Tuesday morning a theft of tens of millions of pounds worth of jewellery from a safety deposit firm in Hatton Garden was discovered when employees returned to work after the Easter weekend. 

Thieves reportedly abseiled down a lift shaft and tunnelled through a wall, before cutting through a thick security door to access the safe deposit at Hatton Garden. Somewhere between 70 and 300 deposit boxes left by local jewellers and gold dealers were then broken open and raided.

Police are now forensically examining the scene and will be contacting the victims directly as and when they are identified. The Met has not commented on the value of the jewellery stolen, but some have speculated that it could be worth as much as £200m.

According to BBC News, the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit company was previously targetted in 2003, when an estimated £1.5m worth of jewellery, cash and valuables were stolen by a criminal posing as a customer, who emptied numerous safe deposit boxes.

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