Forger Wolfgang Beltracchi says his work still hangs in museum

The notorious German art forger Wolfgang Beltracchi has worried the museum world by claiming that he recently saw a work by his own hand hanging on the walls of the Albertina Museum in Vienna.

Beltracchi, who is on probation after serving 3 years in prison for creating fake artworks that have sold for millions of dollars and duped art experts, has made this claim before but has declined to reveal which of the works in the collection he is referring to.

Salzburger Nachrichten reports that the director of the Albertina Museum, Klaus Albrecht Schröder, told the Austrian radio station ORF-Radio Ö3 that he intends to get in touch with the forger to ascertain which painting he was talking about, criticizing the prosecution for not doing more to find out the location of all the fraudulent works. “Of course we want to know. I said at the beginning that the prosecution made a grave mistake not to use the case to discover all of the fakes.”

Read more about Wolfgang Beltracchi here:

Vanity Fair

Channel 4 News

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